Customer Notice: Switching Networks

Hi folks, you may or may not know that currently Siycom is taking on the switching responsibilities from 3rivers, moving our customers onto our own switching network. By October 1st, all customers will be on our switch. We are starting in the surrounding area of the reservation and will work into Browning. One thing we are currently working on is agreements with AT&T and Verizon so we can continue to not charge customers for long distance when they call cell phones. 3Rivers had agreements in place with these carriers and we hope to as well. Unfortunately, the areas that are being switched over for the time being will now have to dial (1) and then the ten digits and will be charged for long distance when calling cellphones until the agreement is made. We hope that agreement can be made very soon, but until then, if you try to call a cellphone using just the 7 digits and it doesn’t work, it is because your phone is now on the Siyeh switch. This is also affecting the Voicemail.