Customer Notice

Siycom is in the process of taking on our own switching which had been 100% done at 3Rivers Fairfield headquarters. During the transition of our acquisition of the “338 Exchange”, Siycom has begun taking on different tasks starting with customer service, billing, installation and on the ground technical truck rolls.

Now comes the last part of the transition, doing our own switching. We will slowly move customers from 3rivers Metaswitch over to our Metaswitch which will affect your current voicemail. If you dial 338-1445 or 467-1445, you can access your old Voicemails on the 3rivers Metaswitch for an undefined period of time. But your new voicemails will be accessed at *99. If you normally dial *99 to access your voicemail you will need to dial the numbers above if you need to access an old voicemail.

Once again we are slowly moving sections of customers starting in the rural areas onto our Metaswitch, but eventually everyone will be moved over. If you normally dial the 338-1445 or 467-1445 numbers to access your voicemail when you hear the stuttered dial tone and are not getting new voicemails, try dialing *99 and I bet you’ll have some new voicemails waiting for you.

If you have any questions concerning this message, give us a call at 338-3222 and talk to one of our CSR’s. Have a great day!