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Hi folks! I am excited to announce that Siyeh Communications (SiyCom) is running a photo contest. Our objective is to find a great photo to use for our inaugural phone directory cover, and we are relying on the talents of our customers to deliver it to us.

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Siyeh Communications (SiyCom) is a telecommunications/broadband utility chartered by the Siyeh Corporation, which is a federally chartered corporation of the Blackfeet Tribe. On December 31, 2020, SiyCom completed the purchase of the Browning Telephone/Internet Exchange from 3 Rivers Communications. This transaction represents the culmination of discussions and negotiations between the two companies that began in 2016.

SiyCom will focus on managing and upgrading the telecommunications infrastructure in the newly acquired exchange with the goals of significantly improving the quality of life and creating economic opportunities for the residents and businesses within the exchange. SiyCom will provide a full spectrum of both basic and advanced voice services as well as broadband services throughout the exchange.

Blackfeet Nation Map
Browning Exchange Map

The Browning exchange lies almost entirely within the Blackfeet Reservation.

Although the transaction was completed on December 31, 2020, SiyCom and 3 Rivers will be working together over the next few months to fully transfer the operations of the Browning Exchange from 3 Rivers to Siyeh Communications. The intent is to make this transition as transparent to customers as possible, and we will be providing updates as the transition evolves. At the culmination of the transition, SiyCom will take over all landline telephone and Internet services in the Browning Exchange, and will perform all billing, customer service, network maintenance, and technical support functions.

This summer, SiyCom will begin a much needed, comprehensive upgrade of the telecommunications infrastructure throughout the Browning Exchange. This multi-year project will include the replacement of all copper phone lines with high-capacity fiber-optic lines. This state-of-the-art technology, known as “fiber-to-the-home” will enable SiyCom to provide significantly greater broadband speeds than is possible with the existing, outdated copper phone lines.

Blackfeet Nation Logo“This purchase of the Browning Exchange is a major step in the exercise of the Blackfeet Tribe’s sovereign rights,” said Tribal Chairman Tim Davis. “It gives the Tribe a level of control necessary to prioritize and develop modern telecommunications technology on the Blackfeet Reservation, especially during a pandemic,” said the Chairman.

Dennis Fitzpatrick, CEO of Siyeh Corporation stated, “The acquisition supports the Tribe’s commitment to providing its reservation communities with access to high quality telecommunication services. We are excited the sale is complete. We can now shift our attention to managing operations and deploying services on the Blackfeet Reservation.”

Please check back to this site frequently. Additional information will be added including details about SiyCom’s telephone and broadband services.

Siyeh Communications Graphic